Solar & USB Rechargeable LED Collar

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Does your pet love to stroll or wander around at night? Each year there are thousands of dogs, cats & other animals who die due to road accidents. A road accident involving their pets is one of the greatest fears for every pet owner!

The main reason why an animal got hit is simply that they are not visible on the road especially in dim areas, usually, it is too late when they spot a dog! Let's not take the risk of losing our beloved pets! Give them the collar that will make them visible & safe! 

Introducing The Solar & USB Rechargeable LED Collar by PresentPet! Our luminous LED collar is made from the highest quality nylon material, these eco-friendly collars are water-resistant and will never require battery replacements. All you have to do is charge it in the sun or plug in a USB cable.

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Premium Material - This glowing collar is made of premium quality nylon that is durable & has an ultra-bright LED lights! The exterior is woven with a fishing line that makes it more sturdy even when your dog pulls! 

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Light Control Switch -  With one click you can adjust the light between slow, steady & rapid flashing modes! It is super convenient & it has an adjustable buckle to make your pet comfortable while wearing them.

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Eco-friendly -   This awesome LED collar doesn't need any battery change to keep it on or glowing, all you need is to charge it through the solar charging board for about 8 hours or through the USB Charging Interface for 2 hours and it will have a continuous light of 14 hours! Saving you money & keeping your pet safe as well!

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Variety of Colors -  Our solar charging LED collar comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from! Making your pet more attractive on the road or at night! You can choose their favorite color or if they have clothes, it will be a great color combination to keep them stylish while strutting off! It's functional as well as fashionable!